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How to Choose a Qualified Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

A lot of people have their own idea of what a heating and air conditioning contractor are. In fact, the term is quite interchangeable with an air conditioning contractor. But when you are hiring one, it pays to know what the job actually entails. First of all, this is not a handyman type of contractor; this is someone who has training and experience in dealing with the HVAC system of your home or office building. These contractors also have the necessary tools and equipment to fix any problems you may encounter with the system. They will usually be located in a central location, like the main floor of your building or in the basement of an office building.

Most businesses understand the importance of running a properly efficient and environmentally friendly business structure. It’s almost impossible to run a business that doesn’t take care of the environment. With this being said, these HVAC contractors should already be part of your business structure. If they aren’t, now is the time to make that change. You can’t afford to waste money on contractors who aren’t on board with a complete energy efficiency business plan and energy reduction strategy.

Ask any heating and air company how extensive their current service contract is and then consider how many years that would be for your particular HVAC system. If you find that a contractor is only willing to work on a two-year HVAC improvement contract then you may want to think about hiring somebody else. It’s not unusual for them to extend their labor warranty to four years but the more experienced contractors will be more likely to push for a higher labor warranty. You don’t want your HVAC system to go broke on you before you even have the chance to properly repair it!

It’s also important to think about your budget when hiring contractors. The bottom line is that you have to have a financial budget in place before you talk to anybody. A good heating and air company should be willing to work within your price range without asking for an up front bonus. Of course, if you have special needs that are unique to your home you should be able to get an affordable contractor without any problems at all.

Remember too that the cheapest heating and air conditioning contractors are going to have the least experience. If you can’t see past that then you are simply going to hire the first one that you come across. Make sure that you find someone that is experienced in both types of work. If you want to hire an HVAC specialist for your heating needs then make sure that they’ve installed both ductwork and heating systems in the past. A general contractor won’t know enough about heating and air conditioning systems to properly do the job.

When you start talking to the prospective contractors don’t hesitate to ask them questions that you haven’t before. For instance, make sure to ask them about the warranty, as well as how long it is going to last. In addition, inquire about the chemicals that will be used to maintain the system. You want to be sure that you are not getting an indoor air pollution as part of your heating and air conditioning system. Many people prefer to hire a local HVAC specialist because they are familiar with local heating and air companies and can easily recommend one that has received high ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

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