Tools to Sell More Technology & Equipment

Utilizing a subsidy for manufacturers who offer lease and loan financing to increase sales by meeting their customers’ cash flow needs, providing bundled products, consumables and services, and improving up-sell opportunities through strong customer relationships. Unlike other products that generate fragmented data using obsolete technology.

Increase Equipment Sales Penetration

Manufacturers finance equipment sales to make it easier for their customers to purchase the equipment by alleviating pressure on cash requirements. Attractive financing through leases and loans can be a significant marketing differentiator to meet increased competition and pressure on revenue growth. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are burdened by rigid IT infrastructures integrating a complex web of niche software applications and customizations that cannot adapt well to support new financial products resolve these pressures in a rapidly changing market place.

Increase Sales by Meeting Customer Needs

Offer New Products and Services

To survive and grow in this highly competitive marketplace where financing is a commodity, manufacturers must be able to adapt their financial products easily to meet unique customer needs. TVF provides flexibility to configure financial products to arm your sales force with the tools they need to finance your equipment sales. With unlimited financial products you have the flexibility to quickly configure terms and conditions you want to offer. Then, associate the appropriate financial product to a contract to govern the execution of fixed or variable rate terms through the contract life.

Manage Subsidies

Price incentives are very important in equipment sales and subsidies can play a key role in many manufacturers’ marketing strategies. Subsidies enable the manufacturer to offer products and services to customers at lower prices to promote increased sales volume and strengthen customer relationships. TVF enables you to budget, manage and control your subsidy programs. Group your subsidies into pools by equipment type, region or other parameters to control the application of subsidies as you price lease and loan contracts. Generate budgets for subsidy pools to control the use of subsidies and ensure that in the aggregate, users do not exceed authorized subsidy usage levels.

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