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More About Structured Cabling in Miami

Among the many terms that a person may interact with on a daily basis structured cabling is not among them and most of the people do not actually know what it means. To give you a clue of what it is structured cabling involves the cabling infrastructure of campus telecommunications or buildings. Now that we have the definition of structured cabling it is good for us to know that it consists of six essential elements. The six components include entrance facility backbone cabling horizontal cabling telecommunications closet work area and equipment from.

Zooming in into the individual components we are going to start with the horizontal cabling which is basically all the cabling in a telecommunications’ outlet in a work area. This cabling is the kind of wiring that usually is found above ceilings and below floors in any building. The second element which is the backbone cabling is also very well known as the vertical cabling and it usually gives connectivity between equipment rooms, telecommunication rooms, entrance facilities and access providers spaces. These are the cables that usually run from one floor to another or even between buildings. The third element is the Workspace which is usually a space where the components of cable are majorly used between communication outlets and the appropriate and user telecommunications equipment. When we think about the third element it is usually the work area and it talks about a space where the components of cables are used between end user telecommunications equipment and communication outlets.

The fourth element that we are going to discuss is the telecommunications closet which is mostly like an enclosed area or a cabinet and it is usually used to house cross-connects, distribution frames, telecommunications equipment and cable terminations. For our fourth element we are going to look at their telecommunications closet which is mostly used to house distribution frames, cross-connects, cable terminations and telecommunications equipment. For our Fifth Element, we are going to discuss the equipment room and it is mostly used to keep our house more complex components. The last facility or the last component we are going to look at if the entrance facility and it is very private because it helps connect the inside building cabling and the outside plant.

The reason why we have looked at the six elements individually is because when we know them we are able to now determine the benefits of structured cabling. When it comes to structured cabling there are so many benefits that we can talk about and just to touch on a few structured cabling usually reduces power and maintenance costs. It is important for us to also acknowledge the fact that when a person is using structured cabling they are assured of saving time and money because they are not going to waste it in locating and trying to rectify any issues.

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